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I’m taking part in a game jam this weekend!

It’s called “Indies vs PewDiePie“;  it’s being run by the totally awesome indie game site GameJolt and sponsored by the world-famous YouTube personality PewDiePie. The theme of the jam is “Fun to play, fun to watch!” and the top 10 games (as rated by the community) will be played on PewDiePie’s stream at some point in the (near) future.

So here are some fun and easy things anyone can do to take part:

  1. Follow the conversation with the #indiesvspewdiepie tag.
  2. Follow me (or other awesome developers) as we stream our game development live on
  3. Create a GameJolt account and play some awesome indie games. Please don’t forget to rate the games you play and follow the games you like.

Wish me luck and have fun!