The website is now Version 1.0!


It took a few days of tinkering around but I think this blog is ready to begin seeing some use.  I feel like I spent about 24 hours fighting with Adobe Illustrator trying to create some king of logo that I could be happy with.  The one at the top of the page will be there until I get fickle and change my mind again.  There’s still a burning desire in my gut to work a video game controller into the image somehow.

Guess it’s smart to table the logo work for another day.

In the meantime, a new project looms on the horizon… OUYA CREATE .  Should be a fun little game jam project for the next couple of weeks and it comes with a free Unity Trial.  Totally worth trying out in my opinion, especially since I have a shiny new Ouya devkit sitting on my desk that is just itching for some use.  I’ll update whenever there’s something new to show!