4 comments on “OUYA Create Day 4

  1. Haha, when I looked at that picture I was pretty freakin’ gobsmacked for a few seconds! It’s cool that Ikaruga came out on Android. Hope you’re doing well, I’ll be watching to see how Gemini turns out!

    Won’t promise anything, but I hope to do at least a small bit of coverage on everyone that gets some kind of working game finished, so don’t give up in the final stretch!

  2. Ikaruga really is a great game with a great concept, Treasure did a really good job, why cant more games by released like that!

    • Agreed; Treasure should continue making awesome shooters. Playing around with the basic concept was fun for a few days but it just showed me how deep the designers had to dig to make a compelling gameplay experience. The simple act of designing the levels, bullet patterns, and enemy/boss behaviors would take months for a good team!

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